Wednesday, September 19, 2012

myPod: Microwave Jenny

via YouTube
About 4 years ago I used to head out on a Wednesday night to get some culture with a group of friends and friends of friends.  We'd see a play, the symphony or hit a live music venue.  The Basement is of course one of my favourite live spots in the city...and it was here that I discovered an absolute gem of an Aussie duo.  We were there to see some big soul band rock out but I honestly can't even remember who it was.  All I remember is this gorgeous pop folk duo, Microwave Jenny.  From the moment Tessa Nuku's sweet sound started I was absolutely hooked.  She has this incredibly light, bright but effortless voice which sometimes has a darling little crack in it.  Her (now husband) Brendan is equally talented, and his sweet harmonies make the music soar.  
The above song, When you don't call is a recent favourite.  I love this song, because it encapsulates perfectly that feeling when you're waiting for someone to call.  Slightly teen angsty of me, but I've never pretended to be above that...
What's awesome about seeing this raw youtube clip is how similar it sounds to the recorded version - no autotune here!  They also kill at covers.  But you'll have to see them in concert to get the best.  They're playing at the Vanguard on Oct 5 - tickets here.
Some other faves you should absolutely check out: I'll Never Learn; my summer fave, Summer or this totally fun cover of MmmBop.
My day is beggin' to be talked about...

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